Best Green Tea

Best Green Tea

Best Green Tea

  • 運営開始2011年5月
  • サイト運営田中 博之
  • 月間UU~100
  • 月間PV~1000
  • サイトの色合い指定なし
  • サイトの雰囲気指定なし
  • 広告掲載受付
  • サイト売却予定
  • 人気サイトランキング順位圏外


Welcome To Best Green Tea! We are a leading Authentic Green Tea web shop based in Japan. Our team is composed of master tea farmers, tea advisors as well as E commerce and customer service professionals. Green Tea is a way of life for Japanese people and an art form in itself. Our aim at Best Green Tea is to provide each customer with the opportunity to experience the best that Japanese Green Tea has to offer.